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gallery/dead sea - jordan day tour - floating
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Dead Sea
Dead Sea Jordan Day Tour


About Dead Sea

Who doesn't know about it ?! the lowest point on the earth, if you decide to visit this spectacular area you will live unforgettable feelings that you want to try again and again You will start your journey to Dead sea by passing through the zero sea level you will be in the middle which is a something new to try after that brief visit to the middle point you will start to descend until you reach the lowest point on the world, you will feel a tinnitus in your ears and a little bit of nausea because of increasing on atmospheric pressure don't worry after a while all this will disappear and you can enjoy your tour. If its the first time you visit the place you will recognize that there is no marine organisms because of the high content of salt & minerals that why it called the Dead Sea but because of this feature you can enjoy the feeling of floating experience you don't need to make an offer to swim the salty water will take this role. As I said before that the atmospheric pressure is high, so the concentration of OXYGEN in the dead sea air is considered the highest in the world so Imagine how much benefits you can get because of high O2, all Cardiovascular patients They will take advantage of this feature even uninfected people will benefit from the high oxygen content in activating inactive cells so you will feel fresh and vitality.

Driving Hours To Dead Sea From


around 1 hour drives.


around 1 hour drives.

Mount Nibo:

around half an hour drives.

Queen Alia international Airport:

Via Airport Road around 2 hours drives.


around 2 hours drives.


Desert Highway around 4 - 5 hours drives.

King Highway around 4 - 5 hours drives.


Desert Highway around 5 - 6 hours drives.


Desert Highway around 5 - 6 hours drives.


Dead Sea Tours

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Option 1 : Dead Sea Full Day Tour includes Lunch

Option 2 : One Day Tour : Dead Sea, Madaba, Mount Nebo includes lunch

Option 3 : 2Days-1Night in Petra by Kings HW Includes Dead Sea

5 Resons why you should visit Dead Sea

Floating Experiance

Floating in the Dead Sea is not only one of the funniest things to do, but it comes also with several benefits for your health.When floating in the Dead Sea, a lot of blood will be moved to your abdomen area which will put some light pressure on your kidneys. This will urge you to evacuate your toxins.

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Dead Sea Mud

People use Dead Sea mud to treat health conditions ranging from psoriasis to back pain Dead Sea mud can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and more. Helps improve psoriasis,Reduces skin impurities,Provides relief for arthritis,Helps treat acne Risks

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The place is rich in history

The Dead Sea has been around for over 3 million years. It was first spotted by Herod the Great. Cleopatra, one of the most popular ancient historical figures, discovered the benefits of its mud and promoted its use.

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No Animals

If you freak out when something crawls under your skin, the Dead Sea will be perfect for your vacation. Since the water is extremely salty, you are unlikely to come into contact with any sea creatures as you enjoy your time.

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